Who Can Add Events?

Anyone can submit events to the FYI Los Alamos Event Calendar, with the exception of those promoting religious or political events. When you submit an event, our moderators must approve it before it goes live. We try to keep most events on this calendar limited to those that are happening in Los Alamos, New Mexico. (With some exceptions.) If you are a cultural provider or host lots of events in Los Alamos, consider becoming a registered Event Contributor.

Advice & tips when posting an event to the calendar:​

1. Use images that are 1080x1080 pixels, for optimum viewing.

2. List event details in the body of the event post, versus linking to another page. Links to websites and PDFs should only be used for additional information, but viewers should receive the bulk of the information in text format just by visiting the FYI Los Alamos Listing.

3. Start the event description with the event details as opposed to reiterating the date and time, which should already be visible in the event listing.




*Does your event appeal to Visitors to Los Alamos County? If so, please make sure to mark the "Visitor" Category prior to submitting.

*Do you have an event with broad public appeal and localized experience that inspires some type of "discovery" for participants in the Los Alamos community, in support of the Los Alamos County brand tagline, "Where Discoveries Are Made"? If so, please make sure to tag "a-HA! Moment" in the Category section; those events receive special recognition on the calendar.

How Do I Add an Event?

Navigate to the FYI LosAlamos Event Calendar at It’s the homepage of this website. Directly above the calendar, and to the right, click on the  'Add Event' button. Then, fill in the event details using the popup dialog box.




Note that if you have a repeating event, you may want to register as an Event Contributor. There are tools that make repeating events easier. Make sure to add a 'Featured Image' to your event to draw more attention. The optimal image size for the Featured Images are 1080 x 1080 pixels wide. Make sure to publish your event by clicking the 'Publish' button.

Need to Change Your Event?

No problem. Being an Event Contributor allows you to make changes to your events anytime you like. Register as an Event Contributor. If you are registered as an Event Contributor, you can add and manage events through the FYI Los Alamos dashboard. This allows you to make changes to your events after they have been published. Want to change the picture associated with your event? Just login and edit your event. 

If you're not an Event Contributor, or have questions about making event changes within your account, we would be glad to speak with you or email you about your event. Call us at 505.661.4815 or email

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